QMarket Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the collection and processing of personal data of customers who sell products or place orders on the QMarket platform. The data controller for processing these personal data is “RF Solutions”. “RF Solutions” is responsible for the processing of your personal data and takes your privacy seriously. The QMarket platform therefore adheres to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing personal data.

What personal data we process and why

The QMarket platform collects and processes your personal data because you use our services. We use the following personal data for the following purposes.

  1. User profile

We collect and process the personal data you provide to us when you register to the platform or update your user profile. These personal data are needed later to provide contact information to your clients, if you sell products, or to the seller, when you place an order on the QMarket platform. It is needed to confirm and process your order, and to provide you the ordered product. The legal basis for this processing of personal data is that it is needed for the performance of a contract as defined in the GDPR. We process the following personal data in the ordering process:

  • Name
  • Address details
  • Location
  • E-mail address
  • Phone, if applicable
  • Photo, if applicable
  • Order details
  • Comments
  1. Customer Service

When you contact our customer service department, we will use the personal data you provide to answer your question or handle your complaint. The legal basis for this processing of personal data is that it is needed for the performance of a contract as defined in the GDPR. We process the following personal data for customer service purposes:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Order details
  • Comments


Our platform is neither intended for persons aged under 18 nor do we intend to collect personal data of users who are aged under 18. However, we are unable to verify visitors’ age. We therefore advise parents to monitor their children’s online activities, so as to prevent their personal data being collected without parental consent. If you feel that we have collected personal data of a minor without consent, please contact us at qmarkethlp@gmail.com. We will then proceed to erase these data.

Automated decision-making

In the performance of the contract with you QMarket may use automated decision-making. We use your location details, for example, to select available products and sellers in your local area. When such automated decision-making leads to a negative decision about you, and you do not agree with it, you can contact us at qmarkethlp@gmail.com.

How long we store the personal data

QMarket will not store your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary for the purposes for which your personal data were collected. We will only store your personal data for longer if we are required to do so. QMarket erases most of your personal data in orders and products 2 years after you placed your order or posted your product. We use this 2-year term for user reports and administrative purposes, and to be able to deal with possible questions and complaints about products and orders on the platform.

Sharing with sellers (product providers)

QMarket shares your personal data (name, address details, order details and optionally phone number) with the product provider you selected, so that the provider can deliver your order. As you are a direct customer of the provider, he or she will have its own responsibility and obligations with respect to the processing of your personal data. If you have questions about how the product provider handles your personal data, you should contact him or her directly.

Sharing with third parties

QMarket will not sell your personal data to third parties, and we will only disclose them to third parties if necessary, or to comply with legal obligations. Whenever we instruct third-party companies to process your personal data on our behalf, we will enter into a data processing agreement to guarantee the same level of protection and confidentiality of your personal data.

Personal data access, rectification, and erasure

You have the right to access all personal data we collect about you, as well as to request that we rectify or erase your personal data. If you feel that we are processing your personal data without a valid legal basis or that we are processing personal data that are not relevant for our service, please contact us at qmarkethlp@gmail.com. QMarket will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Tips, questions, and complaints

If you have any other questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data, we will be happy to talk to you. And we would also like to hear from you if you have tips or suggestions on how to improve our privacy policy.


QMarket takes personal data protection very seriously and we therefore take appropriate measures to protect your personal data against misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure, and unauthorised alteration. If you feel that your personal data are not adequately protected or there are indications of misuse, please contact us at qmarkethlp@gmail.com.

Data Protection Authority

Besides the option of lodging a complaint with us, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority for the protection of personal data. To do so, please contact the supervisory authority directly.