Hi, my name is Rumen Filkov, or just Rumen. I’m an engineer, MSc in computer science, stubborn entrepreneur and life-long learner. Currently I work as research assistant at the User Centered Technologies (UCT) research institute, part of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) in Austria, as well as on my own entrepreneurial R&D projects.

A major part of my research at the university, as well as of my own pet projects, is in the following fields:

  • Natural user interfaces (NUI) and Augmented reality (AR) devices, like Kinect, LeapMotion, HoloLens, Meta, AR-capable mobile devices. MagicLeap is a bit aside of my interests at the moment.
  • Virtual reality (VR) technologies, mainly powered by the Unity-3D game engine, NUI devices, as well as GearVR, Win-MR, Oculus or Vive headsets;
  • Analysis and classification algorithms for smart home and patient experiences, in means of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and tools, for analyzing health status of elderly people, analyzing results of medical treatments of cancer and other patients, and the likes.

I know, I know… My areas of interest are quite many for one human life, but I’m stubborn Capricorn and never give up.

Contact information:

Important info regarding e-mails (last updated 15.Nov.2017):

  • Please mind, I may ignore your e-mail, if it is sent during the weekends (Friday to Sunday) or holidays. This is the only time I can have some rest. In this case, please contact me again at the beginning of next week, if still needed.
  • Contacting by e-mail is mainly reserved for customers, who are eligible for free or premium support, as well as those, who request free academic copies of my Unity assets.
  • In your support request, please mention the invoice number you got from Unity asset store. This way I can check, if you are eligible for support or not.
  • The free e-mail support is limited to answering of no more than FIVE of your e-mails.



33 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Rumen,
    Many thanks for the Kinect with MS-SDK package!
    That being said, is there any chance that the KinectExtras with MsSDK package will come back to the asset store? If not, is there any other way to get it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’ll think about this. It was fully integrated in the K2-asset, which works with Kinect v1 too. That’s why I deprecated it, in order not to support two equal packages. If you need to for K1-sensors only, you may send me an email request to get it from me, too.

      • Thanks for the swift response. In regards to both the KinectExtras and K2-asset, does any of them have basic functionality for audio capture and/or audio detection?

        Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer this.

  2. Hello. Thank you very much for the Kinect with MS-SDK asset. Did you think about the Run gesture? Is it possible to add? I can make some payment for this.

  3. i got the following error please help

    error CS1061: Type `System.IO.FileInfo’ does not contain a definition for `Length’ and no extension method `Length’ of type `System.IO.FileInfo’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

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  5. Hello. Thank you very much for the Kinect V2 with MS-SDK asset.

    I have a problem with the asset. The Kinect V2 automatically opens and closes on and off when I use KinectController Object attached with KinectManager, BackgroundRemovalScript, and InteractionManager all together.

    I changed other kinect v2 sensors, and other computers, but the problem happens.

    Please tell me how to fix. I want to the kinect v2 sensor opens once when a Unity executable launches.

    • Hi, the sensor is controlled by the KinectManager. You need to have only one KinectManager in your game. Please look at the multi-scene demo and the respective pdf in _Readme-folder, to find out how to setup the KinectManager in a multi-scene environment.

      • Thank you for giving a comment, Mr. Rumen F.

        The app I develop is just one scene. It’s not multi-scene environment.

        I tested your asset and found out that if there’s a person or people, the kinect v2 sensor doesn’t close automatically. The kinect v2 sensor opens once.

        The kinect v2 sensor close automatically when there is no person, Is this a specs of the asset?

      • Well, I’m a bit surprised. This asset has thousands of users and nobody has complained so far that the sensor closed up automatically, when there are no people in front of it. Are you testing the unaltered demo scenes, or your own scene? Also, the full KM source is there, so you can put some breakpoints in Awake() and OnDestroy() to check when (and why) they get called.

  6. HI
    i purchased kinect v2 examples in asset store

    i am sorry i sent wrong question before

    exact question is,
    what do i modify in “KinectHolographicViewe scener” if i want scene move to my position when i move to kinect direction.

    it works good in horizontal and vertical, but scene moves to the opposite direction.in default depth

    in confirm,
    scene become far when i move to kinect direction in default.
    i want scene become near when i move to kinect.

    thanks a lot~

  7. Hi, I purchased the Kinect MoCap Animator and am using it with only the Leap Motion. When I record, everything seems to work well, the screen updates saying it is recording and also stopped. But when I attempt to locate the mocap file, it does not exist. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

    • I found that it will not record if it doesn’t recognize a player in the kinect. I am trying to capture only the hand movements using the Leap Motion. I don’t need the entire body. I removed most of the joints in the unity inspector for capturing the motions. I can capture but when I attempt to apply it to a different model, Unity complains. The workflow is very difficult for the Leap Motion capture.

      • Hi there, the Kinect Mocap animator was not designed to record animations without Kinect-sensor 🙂 The LeapMotion finger tracking was only an addition to this. How ever. To make it record without user detected, you would need to modify the Update()-method of KinectFbxRecorder.cs. Try to comment out ‘if(userId != 0 &&…’ and make the next line ‘if(Time.time >= …’. Hope this helps in your case.

  8. I am able to capture the motion using both Kinect and Leap Motion. When I attempt to apply the mocap to any other model, I am always unsuccessful. I have tried models from Unity, from other source on the Internet and just now created a model using MakeHuman. I always get an error along these lines:

    Copied Avatar Rig Configuration mis-match. Transform hierarchy does not match: Transform ‘Hips’ for human bone ‘Hips’ not found. I do set Animation Type as Humanoid.

    How do I resolve this error or change the workflow such that everything matches? I have followed the instructions on your site to no avail. Thanks!

  9. Man, your are a legend, amazing assets, wonderful support and documentation, gouges work, you should be in NASA you know!

  10. Hi Rumen,

    Your website is fantastic. I saw your kinect v2 asset in unity, does it work with steamVR plugin? I’m working on a project which integrates kinect and HTC Vive into unity (kinect captures human motion and maps in vive goggle as avatar motion), will the lighthouse of vive interfere with kinect camera? Thanks!

    • Hi Ken, to your question: honestly, I don’t know. I think lighthouse doesn’t interfere with Kinect, but I don’t have Vive and have never tried it, to be sure. If anyone reading this comment has experience with the matter, please comment.

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