Rate Cancer Treatments

As you probably know, the cancer is the curse of our time. Millions of people have fallen victims of this creepy disease worldwide. The traditional medical treatments are cruel enough and help only partially to prolong the life span of the patients. Many of them become physically handicapped or mentally injured. Chemo therapy helps destroying the cancer cells, but also destroys the immune system, making patients weak and prone to various diseases.

Apart of the surgery, chemo and radiation there are very few other cancer treatments, offered by the traditional medicine. There are no medications with significant effect so far. Obviously a new approach is needed. While we wait for a meaningful anti-cancer medicine, there is space to research the alternative treatments.

As many others, my family was also not spared by this awful disease. I also started looking for alternatives and found a plethora of alternative treatments. And this also became a problem. Many of these were hoax, or had just placebo effect on the patients. But, as it seems, there are some treatments that worked for many patients. That’s why my initial goal was to summarize such treatments, along with real patient experiences with them.

This website is my own contribution to the fight with cancer. It is about searching for effective cancer treatments, via crowd-sourcing of patient experiences (hence the name rate-medical-treatments). Then use some statistics to estimate the best ones. I think this could save some time to many patients and their relatives, who also try to do their homework.

If you are a registered user of the RateMT-website, and would like to help me evaluate the patient-experiences faster, please contact me.


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