Cloud Face Detection

Cloud Face Detection contains two simple to follow and reuse face-detection demos. You may apply its components and functionality in your own Unity projects.

Apart from the detection of user faces, you can also find additional information about the users, like their gender or age. This way you may tweak the game at run-time accordingly, for optimal user experience. This package uses Azure cognitive services for the face detection. It works with both Unity Pro and Unity Personal editors.

How to run the Face Detection Demo:
For instructions on how to run the demos, see the ‘Readme-Face-Detection.pdf’ file in the package.

* The official release of ‘Cloud Face Detection’-package is available at Unity Asset Store.

What’s new in version 1.2:
1. Improved the cloud face manager to work in non-blocking mode during the web calls.
2. Renamed FaceManager to CloudFaceManager, to avoid interference with similarly named components.
3. Removed the package reference to Newtonsoft Json library.
4. Updated the package to work with Unity 5.3 and the internal JsonUtility.


23 thoughts on “Cloud Face Detection

    • Well, this is face tracker, not eye-tracker. But you can get the head rotation (yaw and roll), as well as the positions of many important face points (optionally).

      • Hi! Have you tested how accurate the tracking is. How big can the error between the calculated and the real rotations and 3D coordinates be?

      • The face and emotion tracking seems to be quite accurate. I don’t understand the question regarding rotations and 3d coordinates. Could you be more specific.

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  2. Have anyone tested this on android. I’ve tried the demo scene, it works well in editor mac and windows, but it shows no face detected on android always. I thought it might be an issue with app requiring internet access
    (for the api to work) so I added internet access option to require in unity, but the result is still same. Please help.

  3. hi,I run in Unity , but have a error :
    InvalidOperationException: Cannot override system-specified headers.
    Please help.
    Unity Version 2017.1.0f3

  4. I want to run it for Unity 5.3 ..but in the asset store it says min required is Unity 5.5 ..
    How can i download for Unity 5.3 ? Also what are the other dependencies ?

    • Download it with Unity 5.5 or later, then export it in Unity-package and import it in the older Unity editor. Keep in mind you may get syntax errors to work around, because the API changes a bit in the later Unity versions.

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