17 thoughts on “Notorious Quote on Depression

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  2. When publishing a quote, it is probably best if the source of the quote was noted. I doubt very much that Freud said this.

    • Well, I don’t remember the source after all this time, but this have been never of any importance to me. I try to publish only quotes (and articles), whose meaning or effect I have experienced personally, on my own back. Thank you for your doubts anyway!

      • You should always correctly attribute quotes to the right people. It is part of ethical standards in writing. I am a writer myself and do this for a living.

        Your quote was not from Sigmund Freud. It was from twitter account @debihope from 2010 and should be appropriately stated. Otherwise, this is how quotes get misappropriated, perpetuated in error, and credit given where it isn’t deserved. This is why it should be important to you.

        It is an amusing phrase, nonetheless.

      • Thank you. I’ll fix this after the holidays and credit the quote to the right author. I’m not a writer myself, but a software engineer. It was amazing to see how a lot of people were excited not by meaning of the words, but by the author’s name. Which is sad, as to me.

      • No, William Gibson did not say it. The twitter handle @debihope said it concerning a past boyfriend.

  3. This doesn’t sound like Freud. Read some of his work. There is no mention of being depressed or having low self esteem because you subconsciously wanted to have sex with your mother.

  4. Often people with these types of diseases focus on what appear to be disjointed symptoms.
    Often the assholes surrounding you are people that belittle and minimize these symptoms.
    It is best to seek medical advice until and/or if you get better.
    If you do not get better, keep seeking help until you get results.
    This is the only life you have.

    However, Sigmund Freud is definitely not the originator of this poorly thought out axiom.

  5. Whether or not Freud actually said this, it has actual meaning to my life and I wish Freud had said it.

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