The Method of Shevchenko for Cancer Treatment


Here Is The Method:

In a jar pour 30-40 ml of UNREFINED sunflower oil (other oils and fats are not allowed) and 30-40 ml of vodka. Prerequisite is its 40% strength. To check this, a set on fire a piece of fleece moistened with vodka. 40% vodka should be lit. If not lit, the product should be replaced by another.

Put on the lid and shake the jar actively for 5 (or more) minutes to mix it well. Then exhale and drink quickly. Drink the medicine 3 times a day, preferably at the same time, 20-30 minutes before meals.

How to Choose The Oil:

Pay close attention to the sunflower oil you choose. It must be unrefined, cold pressed and contain more than 60% linoleic acid (unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid), as well as high volume of vitamin E. Other kinds of oils and other sunflower oils (having less that 55-60% linoleic fatty acid) won’t have the desired effect and should not be used.

The Regimen:

Start with a 10-day reception, then take a 5-day break, again 10 days reception and 5-day break, followed by 10 days reception and 10-14 days off. This is one course. Then it is repeated as long as necessary for a complete cure. If you start the treatment, do not stop it for at least a year. You can use it as long as needed – five years or more.

Desirable is to take the medicine at regular intervals in the same time, for example at 7:00 at 14:00 and 21:00.

More Information:

The full description of the method, its biological explanation, Q&A, further details and hundred letters from healed people can be found on the official N.V.Shevchenko’s website (in Russian, use ‘Google Translate’ or ‘Bing Translate’ if needed):

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  1. Hi! I use this method for two years and yes it is effective if you do everything right. It is normal then tumor increases. It is mean that method start to work. You can read about it on Shevchenko site. I had an allergy for 12 years and now I dont have it. I had problem with muscules (probably arthritis) and now I am a massagist and piano teacher.

    Ps. I shake mixture for 15-20 min. I think it is better like this.

  2. How much is a serving size ? I just finished radiation treatment three days ago. When can I start taking this?

    • The serving size is 30-35 ml UNREFINED sunflower oil + 30-35 ml 40% vodka, mixed in a baby bottle, shaken for 5 minutes, three times a day, 20 minutes before meal. Also, avoid eating cakes, fruits and other sugar-containing foods. I think you can start taking it right away, but please consult Mr. Shevchenko’s website (or contact him personally) on whether or not you should continue the radiation, chemical or other kinds of conventional cancer treatments. If you have trouble reading Russian with Google’s translator, please tell me what you want translated, and I’ll try to translate it for you.

  3. Hi, My husband just finished chemo and wanted to know how soon after can he start this treatment. Also, how much should each serving be? Do you think that this is highly successful in treating cancer?

    • Susan, from what I’ve seen and heard so far, I think this method is far more successful than conventional methods, but I CAN’T BE 100% sure anyway. I’m sure you know well what cancer is and what is the actual treatment. That’s why I asked the public to share unbiased opinions. I’d recommend that you first read carefully Mr. Shevchenko’s method from the 1st hand (on his website) and decide by yourself. When I’m ready with my website, I’ll try to publish and translate as much as possible details about this unconventional method (and the other one I know). I’d be also very grateful if you share your opinion here in 3-6 months.

      • Sir my dog that served with me dying of cancer, Was informed by father John( which took my money and never sent me shit) that he can cure dogs. where is his site in English. I see it all Russian. Can you send me the English like to
        Thank you SEAL

      • Corn meal is not ideal diet my concern is allergies and lack of nutritional content needed by my dog. I will be substituting corn meal for oatmeal Fr John did say it was okay to feed dog friendly fruits like apples and veg like green bean etc… for extra nutrition. Haven’t contacted Shevchenko direct about using treatment on dogs seems to be working for Fr John…. Can you keep in touch Nitya let us know how things are going?

      • I believe that alcohol is NOT good for dogs nor cats.
        So I am unsure as to why people would do this to them. I watched the youtube video on the guy who did it on his dog however it does not show any evidence or anything else to stand by this.

  4. Hi Olivia and Mimmsy123
    I found a video YouTube by Fr. John who used this method on his dog. In that case it’s 0.6 ml vodka per kg of body weight +0.6 ml of sunflower oil per kg of body weight. I am trying this on my dog, it’s the sixth day today. I’m just confused about his diet because the diet recommended for this method is not the ideal diet for dogs.

    • Hi Nitya,
      I was wondering how your dog was doing using this methode and how do you get him/her to drink it?

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    • It depends on your country. Look at the local bio-store for non-refined, cold pressed sunflower oil that contains at least 60% linoleic acid (also called ‘multiple unsaturated fatty acids’) and high volume of vitamin E.

  6. Bolorchimeg, where abouts are you? If you’re in Mongolia you can use the Russian brand sunflower oil Aleika(не рафированое подсолнечное масло), and there is a facebook page called No cancer Mongolia and you can find out more in your mother tongue

  7. Looks like you’re not in Mongolia, and plus you better not use olive oil! It is just a kind reminder not a order and good luck with the treatment

  8. Wondering what food to prepare for a dog while following the Shevchenko method? Is a bit of raw meat and/or egg okay with vegetables and rice?
    What does sweet Dolly (Youtube dog who was cured of her cancer) get for her meals?
    Thank you!

  9. Has anyone been able to find Russian sunflower oil that is suitable for use here in North America mainly Canada. I have search hi and low and cannot find what I need. Russian grocery stores just carry oil suitable for cooking.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Andras I was reading the comments on the method of shevchenko for cancer treatments for dogs. Back in May of 2015 you were asking about the sunflower oil. My dog has osteosarcoma on his front leg so I was wondering if you ever did find the oil on shevchenko cancer treatment. I’m from Canada and having a hard time finding the proper oil. Thank you for your time.

  10. I have finally decided to try this method on my beloved “Cairo” a 10yr old recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his front L leg on the Ulna. I have tried to ask around is the dosage of the 30mL -40mL of vodka & oil the same for a 73lb. dog? Or is there a dosage that should be used for dogs? Having a very hard time getting an answer. I am trying to be very positive towards this treatment, but as I mentioned Fr. John I have been so deceived but bogus crap and hoaxes on the internet I had almost given up but for some reason “Cairo” and my inner self said “Just give one last try, just try this” So here I am, ready to take the steps but I just want to make sure I get the correct dosage. –Thank You CLD & Cairo

    • All dog owners using this please weight in. Technically alcohol is toxic to dogs….however I see Fr John gave it to his dog with some success at what someone else reported is .6ml vodka per kg of body weight and .6 ml sunflower oil ……Who has had success with this? My dog has ostesarcoma in right front leg and am willing to try this if people are saying it works….

      • CLD (from post above mine). It looks like our pets have the same condition was wondering how this is working out for you? Please feel free to contact me at i am interested to hear how this is working for you and what treatments you have tried….. thougjts and prayers go out to everyone dealing with Cancer.

    • Hi we were wondering how your dog is doing. We have a dog the same size as Cairo who has been similarly diagnosed and are anxious to see how successful the treatment is. Thank you. you can reach us at

    • Hello. In an earlier post it was stated to use 0.6 ml per kilogram of dogs weight. You would use the same measurement for both the vodka and the oil. I have not tried this and therefore am not an expert. Good luck.

    • Hi Michelle, My dog, Bonnie, had at least 8 tumors which I could feel with my fingers. These stretched all over her stomach, chest, sides, and shoulder joints. The largest (liver area) was about 6″ in length. I had been trying all kinds of natural cures for about a year and half, with varying success.

      After starting the vodka plus sunflower seed oil, plus further changing her diet, I’ve seen improvements over the past few months. Her largest tumor has shrunk by about half, and she shows almost no pain any more, plus is extremely active and playful. Prior to starting this protocol, she limped at times, and had obvious pain in her joints which made it difficult for her to squat for bowel movements. Due to extensive swelling she had in the lower stomach area, I also suspect that she may have had tumor activity that impeded her bm’s.

      I make all her food, and try to use only organic, with as much of it raw as possible. I make up a recipe (which lasts just under two days) ahead of time, and it is then kept in the refrigerator in a large food grade plastic container.

      Approximate Recipe::
      cooked (and cooled) brown rice
      three cut up and cooked organic potatoes (also cooled)
      raw sprouted lentils (simple to sprout)
      raw buckwheat
      kale and salad greens
      several carrots
      about a quarter cup celery
      half of a green apple
      about an 1/8 cup dried nettle greens
      T or so chia seeds
      3-4 T raw sunflower seeds
      about a tsp each ground eggshells and brewer’s yeast flakes
      five ground apricot kernels
      half tsp each organic cumin and turmeric
      about 1/2 tsp sea salt

      When I chop up the greens and other vegetables and apple in the food processer, I usually add a small piece of raw beef liver for flavor, and a couple T of raw natural hamburger (grass fed beef is best). I also blend up the potatoes into a mash before stirring them in. The only oil i use is about a T of coconut oil in the brown rice after it’s cooked. After all is chopped and mixed up, I put it in the large tub in the frig.

      I feed Bonnie three times a day, and drizzle a bit of liver blood (i keep some raw liver in a glass container in the frig which makes this easier to do) over the meal if she acts too finicky. That way she’s getting very little meat, but appreciates the flavor and likes her food. This recipe usually lasts just under two days.

      If you’d like I can get more detailed measurements, just ask. In coming up with a recipe for my dog’s meals, I had researched the vegetarian diets of long lived dogs, and some of the longest living dogs are/were vegetarian. One of these- can’t recall the name but it may have been Brambles, lived in the UK and got a meal of cooked brown rice, lentils and assorted vegetables each day. Although Bonnie is not fully vegetarian, she only gets tiny amounts of natural raw meat to season her meals. I did find the accounts encouraging, in themselves, of the long lived vegetarian dogs. Possibly the thing these dogs really had the most benefit of was the good quality homemade diet, I don’t know.

      I’m not sure if the vodka mix or diet is more important in my dog’s recovery, or whether both are helping equally. I would NEVER change her diet back to what it was, and plan to continue with the vodka until her tumors are completely gone. All the best to you and your dog, LJ

      • Dear Loretta – thanks for the good info! I like the diet – just what I believe in. Could you please confirm that the alcohol has been ok for your dog – because Alcohol in supposed to be very bad for dogs – so here I am still confused. But I would love to talk to you about this whole cancer subject – have some very important info that you would like. My dog has a huge tumor . Would love to talk to you a.s.a.p Please befriend me on fb : Margrit Ramme Thanks ! Hope to hear from you very soon ..all the best M.

      • Hi Margrit….Although I have not been active (yet) on my Facebook account, I did send a friend request your way.

        From what I remember, Bonnie began responding positively almost immediately after I first started giving her the vodka/oil mix. I calculated the amount for her weight carefully before starting treatment, and always make sure to shake it up very well (in small glass bottle) for about five minutes before giving it to her with a large syringe. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to appreciate the taste very much but she’s usually a good patient, (smile), and she knows she’ll be getting a meal about 20 minutes later. It’s just such a relief to see her feeling better, because as i’m sure you understand, I really love my pets.

        From what I’ve read on this method, when the vodka is thoroughly mixed with the sunflower oil (I can also share with you where I get a good quality oil), it is not detrimental as plain vodka would be. My experience with Bonnie has seemed to validate this claim~ at least at this point.

        I wish all the best for your dear dog…..very much so, and if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. Talk with you soon,

      • Loretta Joy… how is your doggie? Can you tell us where to get a good oil? We have found the unrefined sunflower oil by Flora/ organic. We’re hoping that’s ok. What vodka do you recommend? Thanks so much!! Just started our boy on this- seems a lot more alert. The first time we gave it to him it was nerve wracking… but we are all doing ok now!

  11. Hi. my Beagle has a mass in her chest and a 1″ benign tumor on her cheek. She has been recently diagnosed with Cushing’s and congestive heart failure. She seems outwardly very healthy. I saw where you are not supposed to take any supplements or meds during the treatment. This scares me since she takes a few for the above mentioned ailments. Any experience or advice along these lines?

    • Hi Deb, I’m sorry about your Beagle, but believe and have seen first-hand how animals can heal amazingly when given good nutrition. First of all, in reference to the congestive heart failure, I had a cat which had chf and within six months or so, was completely clear of symptoms after I faithfully gave her Standard Process Cardio Plus pills every day. As this product is intended for human use, I calculated the amount to give my cat by weight, giving her about 1/8th what a person would take.

      Concerning the supplements or meds during treatment, my dog has continued with any “supplements” which are really foods; such as ground apricot kernels, turmeric, cumin, nettle, mixed into her homemade food. I believe that the good diet is essential, and she has been making excellent progress on the treatment plus diet.

      My dog had at least eight tumors from chest to lower stomach area, sides, shoulders. She was having difficulty squatting to use the bathroom, she often limped, and I could tell she was in pain. The largest tumor was at one time at least 6 inches in length. It has shrunk by half and now my dog is frisky and is easily able to move around and play. She shows no pain in her movements any more. I’m sharing this to give you hope and also to let you know that this treatment plus diet has made a tremendous difference already. Best wishes to you and your dog,

      • Hello Loretta
        I am new in this forum, and if this e-mail reach you please sent a reply at
        I am worried about pancreatitis from the alcohol and fat from oil. Do you have any data on this?
        Thank you for your time

    • Hi Deb, somehow i got your post mixed up with Jamie’s previous one….I’m very sorry about your terrier mix having a tumor. If you read my previous posts, it will give you an idea of what has been working for my dog, including a basic idea of what she gets for her meals. I try to keep her from anything that will feed the cancer.

      I calculated the amount by weight, and my dog (weighs approximately 40 lbs,) gets 1 Tablespoon each of vodka and sunflower oil. I use a small glass jar and vigorously shake the mix for 5 minutes. Then I give it to her with a syringe in the side of her mouth a little at a time on an empty stomach. She can eat her meal 20 minutes later, and this is repeated three times per day in this pattern: 10 days on, 4 days off, 10 days on, 4 days off, 10 days on, 14 days off.
      All the best for you and your loved dog. And if you have any other questions about what I’ve written, please let me know…

  12. Hi,Loretta
    I’m waiting to hear back from Fr. John’s spiritual child, Nadia, about the oil. Since you are using this method, maybe you can help me w/a few things. What times do you give doses? Should it be 6 hrs apart? I also see you deviate from the recommended pattern and give off 4 days instead of 5. Why is that? I’m also just afraid that if I deviate or can’t give the dosage at the prescribed time that my dog will not recover. The instructions seem to be very strict. Also, did you dog get sicker before better on this?
    Thank you.

  13. Hi Loretta,
    I have a (now 50 pound due to tumor) beagle (dog) that is diagnosed with Splenic Cancer but I do believe it has metastasized into her lungs. She has problems breathing. I too like everyone else am scared to give her alcohol. She is currently taking Prednisone and an antibiotic for possible infection due to an injury to her tail. Should I just stop all medication before starting the The Method of Shevchenko? I thought is was dangerous to stop prednisone abruptly?
    I hope you can help me – I do not know what to do to help my baby girl. I love my dog so much.
    1. Could you suggest what vodka to buy and suflower oil? I live in Northern New York State.
    2. Could you suggest how much to give her? Should it be based on her current size? and does treatment dosage change with her weight?
    3. She is currently on a special diet because her liver was shutting down so she couldn’t process protein. She is currently eating Hill’s Science Diet Liver Care. Would it be ok for her to continue using the same dog food with treatment?
    Thank you,

  14. One of my dogs, Bella, a female Great Dane was diagnosed with cancer and due to her age and the advanced state of the disease, a positive outcome using conventional veterinary methods was unlikely.

    The only option was to surgically remove the forward section of her upper jaw bone, followed by chemo and radiation for the internal tumors. This was expected to give her from 2 – 6 months extra life expectancy.

    I was not prepared to subject her to living what life she had left with half of her face missing and everything else she would go through having chemo and radiation, so I scoured the Internet for an alternative treatment. After researching various treatments available, I decided to try the “Therapy of Chevchenko”.

    I have had her on this therapy for just over a month and a half and I have been amazed at how much she has improved. The visible tumors have reduced to about a quarter of their original size and the blood vessels feeding those tumors have disappeared. She has started gaining weight and her energy level is back to where she has become once again her usual eternal busybody self.

    Initially trying to get her to drink 80 ml of vodka and oil mix from a syringe had me thinking that the stress would kill me before the cancer killed her but we worked it out. It takes about ten minutes for her to lap it out of a bowl with me cajoling and praising her. The other dogs fuss over her when she’s finished like she has just hit a winning run for the team and she thrives on the extra attention.

    She likes having three meals a day and enjoys her diet. I feed her cracked corn boiled into a thick maize porridge mixed with brown rice or pasta with mashed veggies. I add either some liver, chicken, tuna or sardines for flavour. She also lines up again with the others when I make toast with vegemite or boiled eggs for them.

    Father John and Nadya were so helpful getting started with Bella’s therapy and I am eternally thankful to them. If she continues to respond to the treatment at the same rate, she’ll soon be like a new girl!

    • Can you post the name and brand of the oil you were using? It seems so hard to find something with high linoleic content online. Thanks!

    • I have a Great Dane that has just been diagnosed with cancer inoperable wondering how your Belle is doing?

  15. Has anyone treated a dog with lymphoma using this method, she’s currently undergoing chemotherapy? Also should the diet be mainly vegetarian as she loves chicken? Thanks.

  16. Dear Rumen, thank you for sharing the Shevchenko regimen in English. My husband has a tumor thought to be in his carotid artery ( ultrasound, CT scan) and surgery isn’t a consideration for us As there is such a dismal mortality rate. I believe our bodies can heal with natural means and this regimen seems to be the best to try. Thanks again, Kim

  17. Loretta, are you still,around ? And how is your dog doing? I have a 150 pound Leonberger diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and wondering how would I have to give him?
    Also lot of the food in the diet seams to be what is normally a no no for dogs with cancer for diet – such as rice, potatoes , corn…….I worried to feed him that ?

  18. I have been giving Liposomo Vit C, ground Bitter Apricot seeds, Bromaline, and 30/30 The oil and 40% Vodka, but some tell me that you should not do both, as it harmful regards his cure; WHY? They act to kill cancer already there, and also, if correct, destroy the underlying conditions for it to take hold. Ss I am completely confused, but will continue with both until I know more, before starting his method I have had some success with my dogs mass tumors. Ok I cannot get them to completely go, but , it’s a kind of stalemate, no one is winning, me or his cancer, it seems to has stopped getting smaller at about 35 to 45% reduction in the lump sizes, and there they sit. Any input would be good.

  19. Would someone give me the name of an approved sunflower oil in the USA? It seems a lot of them are no good and even dangerous. I want to start this with my dog but I need to know where to get the oil?

      • Thank you but this Flora oil is n NOT recommended by Shevchenko. There is Clear Spring through Amazon that is good. My dog’s tumors have shrunk after one 10 day period.

    • Is anyone concerned about a danger of pancreatitis from using this mixture of alcohol and oil?

  20. Why is there a problem with Flora oils? We just bought it today on Amazon, couldn’t find Clear Spring. Is it dangerous? Also, has anyone used this treatment while feeding their dogs an all raw meat and vegetable diet? (all organic) I seem to read about so many diets and every single “treatment” warns not to use any other diet. It’s so frightening. Our dog has lived 6 months beyond what the vets told us to expect due to all of the supplements and diet we have him on. He has osteosarcoma and his tumor does continue to grow. Can we use Cannabis with this treatment? When we ask any vets, holistic or traditional they warn us about giving vodka to a dog. All I’ve ever read also is that carbs are fuel to Cancer, so switching over to the diet suggested is very frightening. I was under the impression that the Vodka and the oil are what is doing the work, or healing. Any suggestions? Thank you…

    • Hi Patti: If you look at the table of oils, FLORA is not recommended.Meat is not given because it feeds the cancer. My dog has mast cell tumors in her mouth and during the second days, the small tumor shrunk down to nothing and her big tumor shrunk 50-75%. She only gets the cornmeal or buckwheat plus the mixture and tea. Go to and subscribe to get the letters about curing your dog.
      I get Clear Spring through Amazon.

      • Hi Barb. We currently have a dog that has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and her appetite has diminished drastically. Would you say that this improves appetite? Also, what would the interaction be with cannabis oil?

      • I have not seen a change in appetite. I started taking this myself prophylactically and my appetite actually decreases probably because of the oil. I believe Schevchenko writes about this. I don’t know about the cannabis oil. My dog was on it for her cancer and for her arthritis. It seemed to help the arthritis but I took her off it after starting this. The method must help arthritis because I see no stiffness. You could write Fr. John and ask about appetite.

      • Hi Barb,

        What kind of oil and vodka were you using and where did you get them from?

      • Clearspring sunflower from Amazon. Ships from Britain. No special vodka. Whatever was on sale. Its all horrible!

  21. Thank you for all the info. Why Flora sunflower oil is not recommended? Will it be harmful if used while waiting for clear spring brand to arrive?

    • Flora is high oleic acid. Latest clearspring report is that is now not useful either. A&M Menu oil from Walmart is acceptable but E is low so would have to supplement more.

  22. Hello. I lost my last dog, 8 year old Boxer, to brain cancer at 8 years old. I now have a 4 year Boxer who I love more than anything who has a tumor in his nostril. Shrinking the tumor is paramount for him to breath. I don’t want to go through this again. If my boy is 110 pounds how much of this mixture do I give him? How many times a day? On and off for how many days? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Jeff,

      I am so sorry. I lost my boy to hemangiosarcoma in December. It’s a cancer that has never been beaten. Yet the tumors started shrinking on this protocol.

      As you can see from my questions above, I had a hard time finding the right oil. Clearspring Organic Sunflower Oil (Amazon – shipped from the UK) worked well with the first batch (3 bottles) – takes about a week with expedited shipping. And then things went downhill real fast with the second batch. He had been improving steadily for the first month yet collapsed on a walk – I thought he had just lost too much weight and he was over 13. I did not see the posts that mentioned the changed quality of the oil until it was too late. I hope you get other input here – but from Barbara’s latest post it sounds like the best option is A&M Menu Oil from Walmart.

      I never gave that particular oil (A&M) to my dog but since I am originally from Eastern Europe and I am naturally suspicious of anything that involves the two most common ingredients (vodka & sunflower oil) in any Soviet household, I took some cheap sunflower oil (A&M) and vodka myself – just to see what it would do to me. Zinger got the high quality oil and expensive vodka, I took the cheap oil and experimented with different vodkas myself. My parents thought my skin was glowing – bottom line – it was not doing any damage.

      Someone said above that the vodka doesn’t matter – they are all horrible. They are right. The taste of the mixture is awful. Buy the cheapest vodka you can find that is 40 proof and burns when you light it (Shevchenko’s requirement). Other than that, keep the vodka in the freezer – it improves the taste somewhat but high quality vodkas make no difference to the taste.

      If you are serious about this, you will need to syringe the mixture into your dog’s mouth 3 times a day. Anyone who was lucky enough to have their dog ingest it themselves, is not desperate enough. And good for them – it means the dog is still healthy enough to be a hoover. But you can syringe it into the side cheek in a few minutes or less.

      To answer your question – 30ml oil to 30ml of vodka is reasonable. Given your dog’s size – 35 to 35 might be better long term. But the dose is way less important than having the right oil. Hemangiosarcoma (in our case) is about massive internal bleeding and Vt E can cause additional internal bleeding. In your case, you are probably safe adding E and lecithin to the mixture to compensate for the lack of oil quality. Again, I hope everyone else chimes in.

      You have a 4 year old – I hope you can kick ass and save him! He is still young – I think you have time. Go for it!

      10 days on (4-5 days off) – 10 days on (4-5 days off) – 10 days on – (10 days off). I hope everyone else chimes in.

      What state are you in? I had just moved to WA when Zinger got sick and I wish I had payed more attention. I ended up using weed to control his seizures and his pain but I could have probably done better with appetite and tumors. Good luck with your boy – I think we are all rooting for you!

      • Thank you so much! I’m in So. California. They want to do radiation on Buster. Should I not do that? Should I just try this first? Also it sounds like this super food diet really helps. Should Buster not be eating meat? Or can I supplement his diet with say foods high in B17 and stuff like Apricot seed? I am in a kind of unique situation as Buster had a CAT scan and then biopsy. The tumor wasn’t that far up the nostril so the Doctor removed as much as she could which was most of it. The problem is he’s now on all these anti bleeding and pain meds. I can’t mix those meds and this treatment. I plan on cutting out the vets pain meds for CBDs. So when it seems like I can I must stop the anti bleed meds and start the vodka and oil tonic I guess. What do you think?

      • Also I’m so sorry for your loss in December. I know how hard it is….it’s the worst!

      • I don’t know about the radiation. Shevchenko has some interesting views on both chemo and radiotherapy. As well as surgery. He thinks all of those interventions signal to the immune system to send all resources to the sick spot and if there are some left over cancer cells, they basically get all the resources they need to thrive again. If you can use Google Translate, it’s worth checking out the actual site – there is a lot of info that might influence your decisions:

        For us, none of the regular cancer treatments were an option because of Zinger’s age. Zinger was also given a week or two to live at the initial diagnosis. He lived for 5 months – but most of my decisions were relatively easy based on the lack of options. In your case, I think it will take some research and soul searching to know what you are comfortable with.

        And since weed is legal in CA, you should also take a look at making Rick Simpson Oil – I heard amazing stories about tumors shrinking when I was buying CBD oil at different dispensaries here in WA – I just did not realize that the commercial RSOs are really low quality – the ones we tried were not very good.

        There must be vets in LA that use cannabis in their practice. And CBD for pain control should be even more common. If the cancer you are dealing with is not crazy aggressive and takes months (or hopefully years), I would try to find a vet that specializes in some of the alternative therapies because it can be overwhelming. At the same time, we had a holistic vet and she was no help – she was happy to verify the tumors were shrinking when they finally started to – but none of the things were tried came from her.

        As far as food – meat supposedly feeds cancer. Shevchenko recommends a lot of buckwheat and does not like meat (it’s all on his site). I think if the dog still has his appetite, it’s certainly a good idea to try to starve the cancer and look up the cancer diet (TJ’s also has a box of coconut oil packets that comes in handy – easy to put in hot water to make liquid and pour over other food).

    • Vitamin E. Shevchenko advises adding Vitamin E to the oil mixture if the quality of the oil is in doubt. In our case, overdose of vitamin E lead to more internal bleeding (it interferes with clotting I believe) but if bleeding is not an issue, you should add some (they make liquid forms of Vitamin E which are easier to add to the mixture). If bleeding is a problem, you should look at Yunnan Baiyao – a Chinese herb/government controlled medicine – you can find it in a China Town grocery store or on It comes in capsule or powder form – it’s bitter so it’s really hard to get the dog to ingest it – but it’s easy to mix with water and syringe it. It also comes with an emergency red pill in every pack that works nothing short of amazing during a heavy bleed.

      • Sorry about your dog. I sent various samples of oils including the Clear Spring and A&M Menu to Shevchenko for testing. The only very good oil was Essential oil but not available in US or Canada. For dogs, the Menu was just in acceptable limits but a little vitamin E added would help. Also for my dog Fr. John and I experimented adding CLA which strengthens the oil and seemed to help. Brynn’s oral tumors shrank and her face was no longer twisted. Unfortunately I lost her in October in a tragic accident.
        The right oil is important.

  23. My dobbermen who is 8 was diagnosed with osteoporosis on his front leg in November. I started Shevchenko method for the cancer the first week in February. I was using no-GMO cornmeal and found the corneal caused inflammation on his leg it grew 1/2 ” so I quit feeding him corneal and started on the vegetables diet. I use clear spring oil and all the other supplements except the Essential forte N because I haven’t received it yet. Would that make a big difference in the healing of his leg because I haven’t notice a change on his leg at all I do put extra vitamin E in the mixture. I’m on the 2nd round of 10 days will be finish on Tuesday the 6th and start the 2nd 5 days off. I’m really concerned for my baby. I could used some guidents right about now. Im stuck and I don’t know what else I can do for him. I have tried to order the essence oil but they wouldn’t deliver it to Canada.

  24. Greetings from India, our lovely girl, a Golden Retriever of 5, was just diagnosed with lymphoma and the news has been nothing short of devastating. She is losing weight rapidly and growing weak. Just took her to the Vet due to congestion and he put her on prednisolone. I really want to try this method, but need to know if there is any contraindication with prednisolone. Any help is much appreciated.

  25. In *Human* herbology the vodka would be acting as a carrier for the Sunflower oil, and to break apart the oil chains, so that the needed fraction of the oil chain is more easily assimilated.
    IOW the vodka acts as an agent which helps to *break apart and transport* the right parts of the oil into wherever it needs to go as directed by the body.
    That’s how it would work for a Human. I hope this info is helpful for someone here.

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