Dwarf Elder against Cancer (Bulgarian folk remedy)

sambucus_ebulusGeneral Information:
Dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus) is a wild bush, growing as a weed in southern and central Europe and southwest Asia. All parts of the bush are used for medication, but for the syrup only the fruits (elderberries) must be used. Harvested
in autumnin low-lying areas from August to September, and in higher places in October. The berries must be ripe because unripe green berries are poisonous. Ripe fruits are recognized easily. They are dark, almost black in color, some of them may be soft. This is OK, as long as there are no fruits with lighter color. If there are any, they must be removed.

How to Make the Remedy:
Take a
jar and fill it up. Order one layer berries, then one layer sugar (a layer is as thick as two fingers) and so on, until the jar is full. The last layer must be sugar, slightly thicker than the previous ones. When the jar is full, the next step is to put it in a sunny location, at least for few hours a day. The jar should be left open.

bazak3Wait for few days until the sugar is melted by itself and then once a day stir with a spoon. Repeat this for 20 days. Close the jar(s) on the 20th day and put them in the fridge. Don’t seal the jars, just put caps on them.

How It is Taken:
verything is ready and the mixture can be consumed. Take it all together the berries and the juice. One dose consists one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before eating. The spoon may have peak.

It can be consumed throughout the year, especially if the person is sick or there is need. The other prescribed medicines can be taken during the remedy consumption. This remedy can also be taken during the chemo therapy, because apart of its anti-cancer effect it strengthens immunity. Anyway, consult with your doctor, just in case.

Medical Research Paper:
“SEE (Sambucus Ebulus Extract) possessed lower IC50 in cancer cell lines compared with normal cell lines. It manifested high cytotoxicity that can act as anticancer compound. Also, cytotoxicity of SEE on normal cell lines in presence of vitamins C+E, E and C decreased. The results demonstrate that SEE is an effective cytotoxic agent on liver and colon cancer cells and suggest that vitamins C and E may protect normal cells, when SEE were used in cancer therapy in future.”
The paper was accepted for publishing on 14.Jan.2010 and published on 22.May.2013. Here is the Full Research Paper.

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