QMarket is an online farmer’s market platform, freely accessible to all. Its goal is to democratize the trade with agricultural products, make it accessible even to the smallest farmers, and provide a direct connection between the farmers and their customers.

The registered users can sell or buy agricultural and related products on the QMarket platform. The farmers can manage their product lists, set up suitable delivery and payment terms, as well as receive and manage orders from their customers.

The customers can track and manage their orders, according to the selected delivery and payment terms, as well as rate each order and the respective farmer, according to their personal customer experience.

Please join the QMarket-platform today, to take advantage of our service.

The installation of QMarket app depends on the operating system, used by your mobile device:
* To install it on Android devices, please locate QMarket on Google Play Store. The installation is pretty straightforward.
* The QMarket mobile app for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) is under development. When ready, it will be available on the Apple App Store. Please be patient.

Help and Support:
* The tutorial for the QMarket online platform is available here.
* If you need specific help or have a support request, please contact us at qmarkethlp(at)gmail.com.